Post Covid-19 Travel in Kenya | Shift In travel behavior | Corona Virus -Travel impact

Travel Post Covid- 19

  Travel Post COVID-19 :-

When things do start to return to “normal,” travel, especially international travel, will look very different. Here are the top changes I see coming.

1.Recovery will be uneven

We’re seeing already that the factors influencing this pandemic are numerous. Strictness and timing of lockdown measures, robustness of healthcare systems, the weather, luck and other factors are all at work - meaning some countries and regions will recover first. We will see corridors of recovery open back up one by one.

How this will look exactly is difficult to predict. For example, Italy is days ahead of other European countries when it comes to the extent of its outbreak.Back home we expect Kenya to recover by early June and people able to move freely and take Much craved Safari.

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2.You’ll take the train (SGR) before the plane

Domestic travel will recover first (there’s no border control),That means taking a train,SGR to the beach and probably business connection to Nairobi. Not only will we be able to get back on tracks (Lunatic express) first, we’ll also be more secure about it.

Trains are less crowded, have windows that open and are much more environmentally friendly, spacious and sceanic. Once the lockdowns & curfews in Kenya are lifted, I predict people will rush to take a train. we look forward to a more robust movement, recovery process amidst much more changes in travel behavior.

3.Change in Chain of Distribution . Robust Uptake on OTA & E-Commerce .

Post Covid-19 we project emerging changes on consumer buying behavior. We foresee a more confidence and uptake on online Travel trade where the customer can get all their travel arrangement under one roof. Majority of customers will avoid paper money and move to Cashless payment systems. Channel Managers in hotels will target more of OTA (S) & direct bookings to package the hotel to a more demanding and space conscious customers post covid-19 pandemic.

As a company we are projecting more customers who will go for Self-catering properties , Small - Villa Boutique hotels , Air B&B Properties while they avoid crowded hotels with buffet meals. 


4.More Family Travel , FIT & Space conscious post covid-19 Travel. 

As opposed to group travel,Post covid-19 traveler will be more conscious about health to economy of scales that comes with group travel . We will witness more of foreign independent travel wanderlust, small intimate groups, Travel solo, in couples or Family.

Their desire will be more to Avoid Mass Tourism, crowd in favor to individualized independent approach . The huge rise availability of all aspect of Travel planning online will make it easy for FIT package their own travel itineraries and capture more of Virtual Online consultants who can be able to assist the clients virtually. such models will be enhanced by online holiday OTAs like owned by Africa Events Travel.

5.Future Virtual - Travel consultants 

The Covid-19 Pandemic is probably one of the greatest catastrophic effect known to human history .Travel agents , Airlines, cruise ships record losses in millions with most of them running into bankruptcy.Millions of Travel consultants and staff in Hospitality industry either took unpaid leave while majority were rendered redundant and Majority have taken up "work from home model", we shall witness majority of consultants taking up online working or virtual consultants. 

Affiliate consultancy models will rake in more consultancies where such consultants will earn robust commissions. such models are well positioned by affiliate programs like :

6.More demand in using Professional Consultants .(Without a Travel Agent you are on your own)  

Certainly in the short-term, travel will become more defined by purpose. Any business travel will need to be strictly validated as an economic activity, with companies tightening the numbers of employees who travel for them.

The Pandemic has seen many travelers lose their hard earned cash through cancellation policies that customers had ignored or one crucial documents we often ignore : Travel Insurance .
Majority of travellers who booked through travel Agents got the refund or change in travel dates at reasonable time . Those in Travel trade witnessed stranded customers at Airports trying to make urgent travel dates - All you need to avoid all that is a good reliable travel partner. (Without a travel agent you are on your own)